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You can help promote the hour as the world money unit by giving copies of Hour Money like the one on the masthead to your friends. Ask me for some.
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A Related Video on Mile High Hours
Links to Ithaca Hours and other Local Currency sites.
Local Currencies
History of the Metric System
Adoption of an Hour of Work as the denominator of money worldwide could be like adoption of the Metric system, though we hope more rapid. It took 200 years. We need to begin to use the Hour right away, every day. It is our true compass. We can start by doing it for our personal budgets.
World Currency Advocates
World currency advocates identify the advantages of a single world currency. I am advocating a single world money unit standard which would leave Nations sovereign over their own money.
American Monetary Institute
The AMI supports government issue of money, which Congressman Dennis Kucinich has introduced as The NEED Act
Provisional World Parliament
The PWP adopted an Hour of Work as the world money unit in 2004 at its meeting in Lucknow, India. In 2007, meeting in Togo, Africa, it named the currency "Earth Hours" with a circle and cross symbol for the unity of people North, South, East and West.
The Institute for Economic Democracy
The IED publishes books that expose the long history of exploitation of the many by the few and books supporting the Constitution for the Federation of Earth.
The Institute for Cooperative Capitalism Worldwide.
The ICCW2 publishes books that advocate honest capitalism that recognizes real capital as a healthy and skilled population, not money.